26th  + 27th Mai 2011 / 20.00 


In the tension between tradition and modernity, between German and Japanese communication codes, between the (body) languages of theater and dance, between function and emotion, Yui Kawaguchi tries to find her own identity. Inside a forest of neontubes on stage, she combines body, light, voice and sound collages and the boundaries between human and machine become blurred. The meeting of two cultures becomes a confrontation with our technical world and its complex requirements on our ego. 
Because of Kawaguchi going inside this electrically cold world, from one perception island to another, scenic snapshots of her fragmented self appear and also a very delicate artwork of dance.


"One of the most amazing dancers of our time, in a work that can be translated as the evolution of a human being."



Yui Kawaguchi received for Andropolaroid the Cologne Dance Award 2010. She danced in Japan, USA and Europe, with Nico and the Navigators, Helena Waldmann, Ismael Ivo, Kota Yamazaki Rosy co. and Motoko Hirayama. Her pieces have been presented at several dance festivals. Already in 2006 she was awarded with the Jury Prize of the Yokohama Solo × Duo competition.

Concept, Choreography, Dance Yui Kawaguchi Dramaturgy Rosi Ulrich Light Fabian Bleisch Surround Mix, Sound Design Sibin Vassilev Assistant Sabine Salzmann


Andropolaroid is a production of theater-51 grad in cooperation with Free Trade Zone - Network Ensemble Cologne and Dock11 Berlin.