24th + 25th June 2012 / 20.00


To what extend do we ourselves create reality? Paul Watzlawick, psychologist and philosopher, has exposed the assumingly objective reality as subjective and constructed, only reaching liability through the means of communication. Present as well as past experiences are toned through a filter of social, emotional and learned factors. Reality is only what we believe it to be. The pictures we construct of our world and ourselves can dominate and enslave us.

In Trust Treats Truth two male dancers embody this theme with whit and irony through a mixture of dance, illusionism and text. They playfully undermine nature’s laws, using and manipulating each other in order to reassert their own reality, thereby always performing in the sphere of tension between unconditional devotion and unsparing brutality. Tragic becomes comical, victim becomes aggressor, illusion becomes reality. Miranda’s choreography depicts and reflects the playfield between an incident and its interpretation, between experience and thought – this mysterious zone full of possibilities where landscapes are built out of nowhere.

"Estefania Miranda has made herself ​​a name in the international dance theater scene a long time ago. In her latest choreography, she shows in a touching way internal and external decadence and disintegration of social and private structures. "

Hamburger Abendblatt


Estefania Miranda studied dance in Scotland and the Netherlands and has worked with Ismael Ivo, George Tabori, Gerald Thomas and Hans van den Broeck (Les Ballets C. de la B) together. As a dancer, actress and choreographer she worked among others at the following theaters: DNT Weimar, Schaubühne Berlin, Cairo Opera House, Usher Hall Edinburgh, Volksbühne Berlin, Hanover Theatre, International Dance Festival Vienna, Rote Fabrik Zurich, Festspielhaus Hellerau Dresden, Theatre de Vorst / NL and Theatre Sevelin Lausanne. In 2009 she founded the Company Estefania Miranda and moved into her own rehearsal rooms / theater / café in Berlin. Since 2010 she has been the curator of dance at the DNT Weimar and founded here the "International Dance Festival Weimar".

Choreography and Production Estefania Miranda Dance Miquel De Jong, Reinier Schimmel Stage and Costumes Gabriele Wasmuth Music Composition Darius Gall


Trust Treats Truth is a work in progress project, developed as a co-production of Company Estefania Miranda in residence at Deutsches Nationaltheatre Weimar.