Barbara Mullin, dancer of the Company Panama Pictures offers in this workshop, impressions of the rehearsal process of her work. After a warm-up, there will be worked on simple dance sequences of the play and tasks of improvisation. It's not about perfect coping of a preset sequence, but the execution in the context of the individual's own abilities.


Barbara Mullin studied modern dance in Adelaide, Australia. There she danced for numerous companies. Since 1999 she decisively shaped the work of Panama Pictures.



This intensive workshop provides basic knowledge of Tango Argentino. In addition to learning simple figures, it is also about the axis, posture and rhythm. It is always the individual feeling of the dancers and the experience of connecting with the partner, that is in the foreground.


The Argentine Carlos Tapia perfected his style of dance with Victoria Colosio, Julio Balmaceda, Jesus Pietro Paulo and Carlos Gavito and is trained as a dance therapist. Together with his dance partner Brigitte Backhaus, he gives the tango a modern, creative direction, without denying its roots and classical forms.



Ballet is a good foundation for any artistic dance. It trains the basic elements and skills such as posture, coordination, musicality, rhythm and body language. In the workshop the children will be playfully introduced to dance and classical ballet exercises and then work out a simple step combinations.


Tudor Pirvu was born in Bucharest and completed his training as a dancer and choreographer at the National Ballet School. He was a professional dancer at Theater Görlitz and the German National Theatre Weimar. He is currently working as a dance teacher and choreographer.



E-Werk / festivallounge after the performances / admission free

Pia Meuthen, "Emerging Choreographer" 2011: A photographic portrait of her work


Pia Meuthen creates, using dance, text, music and light, emotional landscapes of the internal worlds of the characters in her pieces. the intensity of Meuthens work and the expressive power and accuracy of her charismatic dancers, are reflected in the exhibited images.



Pia Meuthen / Nude "Emerging Choreographer" Meuthen Pia introduces her work


Yui Kawaguchi / Andropolaroid




Choreographic Captures are curious, funny or just different, choreographic short films in a promotional clip format. We show the winning films of the International Choreographic Captures Competition.