with over 100 musicians of the Berne Symphony Orchestra, as well as the established ensembles in musical theatre, drama and dance, Konzert Theater Bern is the biggest Perfoming Arts Organization the Western part of German-speaking Switzerland. Its productions are attracting interest both nationwide and abroad. Konzert Theater Bern has three venues: The Kultur-Casino (a concert hall), the Municipal Theatre (seating up to 900 people) and the Vidmarhallen with its three stages in various sizes.



Since season 2013/14, Estefania Miranda is the director of dance at Konzert Theater Bern.

Under her leadership the ensemble was reorganised and renamed into Tanzcompagnie Konzert Theater Bern. New program formats were introduced and the Tanzplattform Bern was established.

The multicultural ensemble exceeds the boundaries of dance styles and theater, and carries dance into the city. Its name also stands for identity and diversity, for internationality and regional relations, and implies cooperation and promotion of talent.

Each season, the company develops two productions in the Vidmarhallen and a production together with the Berne Symphony Orchestra at the Municipal Theatre. The formats “LSD / Laboratoire Suisse de la Danse" and "CUT / Cinema Unleashes Dance" enable the members of the company to develop their own choreographies and promote the collaboration with other artists from the city and region. The annual dance festival “Tanzplattform Bern” offers choreographers from the company and international choreographers the opportunity to exchange ideas, present their work and to win one of the Bernese Dance Aawards “Berner Tanzpreise”. Both a professional jury and the Bernese audience award these prizes during a dance gala.


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