After training as a typesetter and a study of art, she directed a company for design and execution of large paintings and interior decoration. Exhibitions of her paintings and sculptures were made in collaboration with artist groups. In search of new tasks, Gabriele Wasmuth joined as a stage and costume assistant at the Theater Dortmund and after at the State Theatre Hanover, theater.


She works since 1994 as a freelance set and costume designer, with far more than 60 works for opera, theater and dancetheater. Among others at Nationaltheater Weimar, Theater Bremen, Theater Basel, Luzerner Theater, Staatstheater Darmstadt, Theater Freiburg, Theater Lübeck, Staatstheater Mainz, Städt. Bühnen Nürnberg, Theater Dortmund, Hebbel Theater Berlin, Staatstheater Meiningen, Theater Krefeld/Mönchengladbach, Zeitgenössische Oper Berlin and Musikhochschule Hannover.


She gave her debut as a theater director in 2005 at Theater Freiberg and a second direction followed in 2011 at Landestheater Coburg.


She worked among others with the following directors and choreographers: Ludger Engels, Susanne Lietzow, Thomas Krupa, Konstanze Lauterbach, Amelie Niermeyer, Andre Buecker, Andreas Rochholl, Amanda Miller and Estefania Miranda.