Christine Nagel studied linguistics, history and politics and made her master's degree in Giessen. She worked meanwhile as an assistant director at the state theaters in Wiesbaden and Giessen. She is living in Berlin since 1993 and has been here assistant director for radio plays of ARD. Since 1996 she creates her own feature broadcasts and since 2001 she directs radio plays for Deutschlandfunk und Deutschlandradio Kulturradio. Several radio play works have been nominated for prizes.


In the years 1997-2001 she worked frequently for the productions of Prounen Filmproduktionen as a production and recording manager for the cinema documentaries „Zeichnen bis zur Raserei“, „Der Maler Ernst Ludwig Kirchner“ and „La Strada del Marmo“ by Michael Trabitzsch.


She met the author Ilse Aichinger, by working on the radio play „Vor dem Verschwinden. Zu keiner Stunde. Hörstücke von Ilse Aichinger“Based on her story “Fenster - Theater” she created in 2002 a fictional short film, for which she won a screenplay scholarship, funded by Berlin's cultural foundation.


Christine Nagel lived 2002-2005 in London and comleted here, at the Laban Center, a Post Graduate Study in "European Dance Theatre". She received in 2009 a two month scholarship at the Künstlerhaus Lukas Ahrenshoop, in order to work on the opera "Sirene", based on a story by Irmtraud Morgner.